Equestria Championship Wrestling (ECW) – Season 2 – Episode 5 (Elimination Chamber PPV)

Our last Episode for 2016!! It is ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!

Its gonna be one crazy night! Lots of superstar debuts & surprises!

PPV Card

Soaring vs (unknown debut) – Extreme Rules

Ultra vs (unknown debut) – Table Match

Compass Star vs (unknown debut) – Falls Count Anywhere Match

Flim Flam Bros. vs Edge & Christian – Tag Team Extreme Rules

Goldust/Stardust vs Omega Black/Red – Tornado Tag Team Title Match

Flash Sentry vs Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan – TLC ECW TV Title Match

MANE EVENT – Elimination Chamber for the ECW World Title, Dusty Katt, Luke Harper, Alberio, Thunderlane, Big Mac & Hoofbeard.

Will Dusty Katt survive and retrain his belt or will a new champion be crowned?

Equestria Championship Wrestling (ECW) – Season 2 – Episode 4

The last week until Elimination Chamber!
Tonight Triple Threat match, Shining Armor/Flash Sentry/Hoofbeard!
Big Mac brings a special guest in his match against Alberio
Mane Event, Dusty Katt will face Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt in a handicap match!

Match 1 – (Triple Threat) Shining Armor, Flash Sentry, Hoofbeard
Match 2 – (Steel Cage) Omega Black vs Goldust
Match 3 – Thunderlane vs Ultra
Match 4 – Big Mac vs Alberio
Mane Event – (Handicap Match) Dusty Katt vs Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt

Equestria Championship Wrestling (ECW) – Season 2 – Episode 3

Great Action tonight! Flash Sentry makes his Season 2 premiere. Shining Armor, Braeburn & Ultra look to get their first win in a Triple Threat match. Lastly our MANE EVENT, Champion vs Champion! Dusty Katt (ECW World Heavyweight Champ) vs Daniel Bryan (ECW TV Champion)

Tonight’s Card

Match 1 – (Triple Threat) Braeburn vs Shining Armor vs Ultra
Match 2 – Omega Red vs Stardust
Match 3 – Flash Sentry vs Hoodbeard
Match 4 – Big Mac vs Bulk Biceps
Mane Event – (Champion vs Champion) Dusty Katt vs Daniel Bryan

(Editors Note: You will experience audio distortions from time to time, this is beyond out control)

Oni-Con AMV Contest Finalists List.

List of Finalists for Oni-Con’s AMV Contest

In random order


Nhan Tran-Phan – Ghibli Gave Me Something
Lenin Meza – Legend of the Red Dragon
Anime Mashup – Euphoria
AntaresHeart07 – Riot!
Enjo – Redo
Zandersen – Good Eye, Sinon
UnluckyArtist – Galileo
drewaconclusion – Into The Labyrinth
Jiayi Shen – When It’s All Over
Youssef Tobah – One


andrewbee – Into The Glass
Alex Duplessie – Gurren, An American Musical
lolligerjoj – Ghost Audition
drewaconclusion – To Serve Man
leolide – zuzuzu
UnluckyArtist – Blue Scarlet
Cheis – Horizon
StarTrinity009 – SUKI DA!!!
Phlashbak – Faces of Love
Anime Mashup – Hypnotic Resonance


drewaconclusion – In Digestion
Galia & Kitty – Dance is Move
joycescookie – Friendship!
Kyci – Cooking By The Book
UnluckyArtist – Screaming Artist
Phlashbak – Klassik Television
Lenin Meza – Daily Life with Animals
shorisquared – Duck, Duck, Goose
AntaresHeart07 – Petaloso
Youssef Tobah – Speed o’ Sound

Congrats to all the finalists! Thank you to all the entries, remember your AMV didn’t make into he finals it will be featured in future episodes of AnimeFunTV

Oni-Con AMV Contest now closed. Thank you! <3

Thank you to everyone whom submitted the Oni-Con AMV Contest, we look forward into a great show this year!

Finalists TBA in the upcoming weeks.

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