2016 1Q Announcements Audio Podcast

We talk about the AMV Contest at IKKiCON, work schedules to work on AFTV & UltraSonic Entertainment projects.

-AFTV Season 6 in the works.
-AFTV Expansion possibility.
-ECW Season 2 still a work in progress. Return to Nightmare Nights Dallas for ECW panel.
-Not able to return to Furry Fiesta 2016
-PonyFunTV still accepting submissions for Spring debut.
-More Individual Projects in the works.

IKKiCON’s (2016) AMV Contest – People’s Choice Awards

After review here are the results!

Fast Action
1st Place – “Infinite Power” by AnimeMashup
Runner-Up – “Evolution” By Gene Starwind 21122

Epic Drama
1st Place – “Farewell My Friend” by Eclipse Studio
Runner-Up (Tie) – “Tha’llein” by GuntherAMV’s & “Live, Fly, Fall, Die” by James Blond

Comedy Song’s
1st Place – “Grades Never Bothered Me Anyway” by SinKatt
Runner-Up (Tie) – “Ani-Mon” – Samurai Warriors Productions & “Anime’s Got Talent” by Soul’s Team

Comedy Freestyle
1st Place – “The Swear Jar”  by Maboroshi Studio
Runner-Up – “Congressional Run” by Drewaconclusion

Congrats to all!

IKKiCON’s (2016) AMV Contest – Editors Choice Awards

Ikkicon AMV Contest

Presented By

Editors Choice & Best AMV Overall Awards

IKKiCON Editors

Ernest Zamora Jr – Editor in Chief
Jesse Lopez – AnimeFunTV
Chris Gloria – AnimeFunTV

Fast Action

3rd Place
“The Warriors” by Unlucky Artist

2nd Place
“Infinite Power” by AnimeMashup

1st Place
“Warrior Inside” by BladEra123

Epic Drama

3rd Place
“Evergreen” by StarTrinity009

2nd Place
“Unstoppable” by Maboroshi Studio

1st Place
“Pain Into Power” by Drabaz

Comedy Song’s

3rd Place
“Caffeine” by Whipper

2nd Place
“Anime’s Got Talent” by Soul’s Team

1st Place
“Ani-Mon” by Samurai Warriors Productions

Comedy Freestyle

3rd Place
“OH HELL NO! The Sensible Horror AMV” by shorisquared

2nd Place
“The Swear Jar” by Maboroshi Studio

1st Place
“XMASBASS” by Unlucky Artist

Editors Best AMV Overall
“Anime’s Got Talent” by Soul’s Team

Congrats to all the Editors Choice Winners!

Thank you to all AMV participants!

People’s Choice to be announced at a later date.
Visit AnimeFunTV.com for announcements.

AnimeFunTV would like to thank you to…
IKKiCON staff & AMV Contest Attendees!


“Catch Your Breath” NXT Superstar Finn Bálor, Entrance Music by CFO$ (WWE)

“Turn It Up” NXT Superstar Bayley, Entrance Music by CFO$ (WWE)

AMV Contest

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A UltraSonic Entertainment Production

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