Blind Commentary, WWE Culture Shock by Corey Graves

Jesse “The Man” Lopez and myself take a look and do our first blind commentary of Corey Graves ‘Culture Shock’ of BronyCon 2015.

Why did we do this? Well for the most part I myself am a brony and a wrestling fan and Jesse is strictly a wrestling fan. We’ve been doing the wrestling/pony thing with our Equestria Championship Wrestling project and when it was announced that Corey Graves went to BronyCon to do Culture Shock it left us wondering what his perspective of the fandom would be.

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AFTV September Announcements

1. Season 5 HD Episodes now available on our MediaFire site.…

2. Oni-Con AMV Contest to close soon on October 9th…
Ikkicon AMV Contest to close on December 11th…

3. We partnered with PMV Today to create “PonyFunTV’ to showcase Pony Music Video’s and any videos that are from My Little Pony.…

4. Horrors of the Universe Podcast.

5. ECW – Equestria Championship Wrestling progress.

AnimeFunTV & PMV Today collaborate to create ‘PonyFunTV’ to air on TV in spring of 2016.


SAN ANTONIO, TX – August 7, 2015 – AnimeFunTV & PMV Today have announced at BronyCon in Baltimore, MD that they have collaborated to create PonyFunTV. It is to highlight & showcase, unique & creative Fan-Created video artwork from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FiM) in the form of Pony Music Videos (PMV’s), or Pony Videos (PV’s) on (Public Access) Television in San Antonio, TX.

“AnimeFunTV isn’t always about Japanese Anime, we love all styles and genres of animations and entertainment. So to have collaborated with PMV Today to have an outlet for fans of My Little Pony to showcase there videos on television is really awesome.” said Ernest Zamora, Jr, producer & creator of AnimeFunTV & UltraSonic Entertainment.

PonyFunTV looks to air it’s first TV season in spring of 2016, they need need everyone in the MLP:FiM fandom to contribute! They need content to fill 12, 30-minute episodes! With that said video submissions to PonyFunTV are now OPEN. Visit or for submission links.

Submissions will remain open until New Years Day of 2016 (January 1, 2016 @ 12:00am CST)

For the Rules & Guidelines for submitting to PonyFunTV please visit or



AnimeFunTV (AFTV) is a Public Access show that began in 2003 in San Antonio, TX. AnimeFunTV is play on words for “Animation Fun on TV” since they are not just a fan’s of Japanese anime, but also a fan of all types and styles of animations as well. AFTV is the only known show in the United States that continuously showcases fan made AMV’s on (Public Access) TV.

PMV Today

PMV Today exists to celebrate the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic through the medium of PMVs, or Pony Music Videos. Every day at will be updated with new content, including the following PMV related awesomeness: Daily featured PMV, Monthly Top Ten, Friday’s Highest Rated, PMV Guides & Tutorials, and Community Forum. PMVToday is all about celebrating the talent and creativity of our great MLP community.


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