Exciting Announcement to be made August 7th, what is it?

As AFTV Season 5 winds down to its last weeks, we have an awesome announcement set for August 7th; what is it you may ask?

Well I can’t say much until the full announcement, but remember AnimeFunTV isn’t always about Anime, we love all animations.

Whom we partnered with and what we will do I think will be entertaining for all. It’s the first time something like this has been even considered or even done.

Just as AnimeFunTV is still is the only TV show known for airing AMV’s on TV, this next project will highlight another genre of animation and it’s creative fans.

UltraSonic Entertainment is about to get 20% cooler in 2016.

UltraSonic Entertainment & AFTV Welcomes, Horrors Of The Universe.

For all you people who love things that go bump in the night.

UltraSonic Entertainment & AnimeFunTV would like to officially welcome Horrors of the Universe podcast into our entertainment vision. Jesse Lopez help bring this partnership together with Joe, Stevo, Steven, CJ & Nick.

They already have a whooping 6 Episodes on mix cloud for all you horror fans!
Help support them and give them a follow!

AFTV Season 5 winds down, but still not done.

Only a few more episodes remain of Season 5, if you missed any or want to re-watch, we have all previous episodes of Season 5 on MediaFire.

We also gearing up for our AMV Contest’s at Oni-Con and Ikkicon, if you haven’t submitted your AMV, do so now!

Also we have something special to announce in August, so we aren’t done by a long shot, and we are already making plans for 2016!

An UltraSonic Entertainment Production

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