PonyFunTV Submissions closed.

Submissions for our first PonyFunTV season have been closed, thank you to those who submitted!

We’ll keep you posted on the status of PFTV’s season premiere.

July Announcements, things are happening.

As you all know, we will be returning to Oni-Con in October to present the AMV Contest, but there are also other things happening.

We are getting ready to close submissions for PonyFunTV at the end of July. PonyFunTV sadly didn’t get as many videos as we’d hoped but all is not lost, we will be airing all the PMV’s that were submitted to our PMV Contest at BronyFanFair on PonyFunTV, PonyFunTV will also be considered our ‘Pre-Season 6’ which we will begin working on before October.

Soon after, Season 6 will be in the works as well; Season 6 will be considered the last of the “Archived” AMV’s that we have had stored since 2006, Season 7 is set to start airing the new generation of AMV’s that have been airing in our AMV Contests.

Lastly, Equestria Championship Wrestling Season 2 is set to premiere at the end of the month!

On a side note, we know have been very quiet in the past two months, largely in part in getting ready for the last part of the year as we have lots of plans and trips to attend later this year.

In October we not only have Oni-Con to attend, but some of us will be returning to Nightmare Nights Dallas the weekend before Oni-Con, also some of us have plans to attend Mid-West Furfest in Chicago in the first weekend of December, and hopefully a return to IKKiCON at the turn of the year. That means getting finances in order and getting any transportation vehicles ready. so we hope you guys can understand why we have been quiet, but not for long!


Oni-Con XIII (2016) AMV Contest Submission Form


AMV Submissions due by Friday, September 30th, 2016 @ 12:00p.m. (Noon) U.S. Central Time

Step 1.
(ie, New York, NY; Beijing, China; Berlin, Germany... etc.)
Step 2.
Step 3.

You MUST use current versions of FireFox, Chrome, or Safari (OSX-El Capitan) for successful uploads.

You will see a page after submitting to confirm successful upload & submission.

Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 500MB
Max File Size 500MB

Oni-Con XIII – AMV Contest set to open tomorrow! (July 12th)


Once again we would like to thank Oni-Con for letting us return to Galveston, TX to present our fourth run of the AMV Contest. Oni-Con is our biggest event of the year and we hope this year returns with a blast!

Our AMV Contest at Oni-Con will be open for submissions July 12th!

As always, ALL animations types are welcomed!

Good Luck everyone!


Fatal Four Way Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 3

Fatal Four Way Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 3

NXT Take Over Dallas, Wrestlemania 32, & Post-Mania “RAW” Fallout.

Host: Jesse Lopez
Guests: Chris “SeiferA” Gloria & Ernest “Ultra” Zamora Jr

Opening & Exit Music by Adolf Valdez

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