A few Gremlins.

Since the server had moved and upgraded we’ve been experience some unreliability with our cable modem and some of the php settings on the sever. We had the cable modem replaced and the php modded to what it was previously, Everything should be in working order. If you experience some issues please do not hesitate to contact us at AnimeFunTV@icloud.com

-AnimeFunTV Staff

“I’m Back Baby” AFTV Server back up

Sever move is 100% done. Oni-Con AMV Submissions have resumed. Thank you for your patience.

-AnimeFunTV Staff

Scheduled Server Downtime.

Thursday (July 19th) at approximately 10:00pm US-CST the AnimeFunTV.com sever will be shutdown for a scheduled physical move to another location.

Server will be back online by Friday (July 20th) at approximately 11:00am US-CST.

During this downtime the submissions for the Oni-Con XV – AMV Contest will be halted until the sever is back online.

Please follow our social networks on Facebook & Twitter for any updates during the server downtime.

Thank You.

-AnimeFunTV Staff

Oni-Con XV (2018) – ‘Anime vs. The World (of Animation)’ Music Video Contest – NOW OPEN

This year we will once again be going back to Oni-Con November 9th-11th in Galveston, TX to host the AMV Contest!

Is Anime the best or is there something better?

It’s time to put Anime up against everything else! Anime vs. The World (of Animation) Music Video Contest is the answer.

It’s up to you to find out who will win, we want to see Anime to go against all styles & types of animations from around the world! From old-school cartoons, current animations, animated movies, machinima videos, even self- created animations. This contest lets your imagination and creative freedom run wild!

This year we have THREE Titles to choose when submitting your video

Anime – A Music video that is solely Anime.
The World (of Animation) – A Music video that is non-Anime
Truce – A Music video with a mix of both Anime and Animations

Each Title will have the traditional, Action, Drama, & Comedy Main-categories.
You can submit one video for each Main categories for each Title.
Which means you can submit up-to 9 videos if you submit to all three Main-Categories for each title!

As usual we recommend reading the Rules & Guidelines before submitting.

If your ready, submit away!

ALL Video Submissions are due by Friday, October 19th, 2018 @ 12:00p.m. (Noon) U.S. Central Time

Good luck to everyone!

Opening July 4th for submissions, Oni-Con XV (2018) – AMV Contest ‘Anime vs. The World (of Animation)’

This year we will once again be going back to Oni-Con November 9th-11th in Galveston, TX to host the AMV Contest!

This time it’s Anime vs THE WORLD (of animation)!

This means creators will be able to once again submit not just anime alone, but everything the animation world has to offer and in the end who will win??

Submissions begin July 4th @ 10am U.S. Central Time and submissions close on Friday, October 19th, 2018 @ 12:00p.m. (Noon) U.S. Central Time

So start preparing & Good Luck!

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