Fatal Four Way Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 3

Fatal Four Way Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 3

NXT Take Over Dallas, Wrestlemania 32, & Post-Mania “RAW” Fallout.

Host: Jesse Lopez
Guests: Chris “SeiferA” Gloria & Ernest “Ultra” Zamora Jr

Opening & Exit Music by Adolf Valdez

Classic Episode’s of AFTV, Now available On-Demand

Season’s 3 & 4 are now available on MediaFire to watch on-demand.

Fatal Four Way Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 2

Shane O-Mac returns.
Fastlane 2016 Fallout
Daniel Bryan Retirement
Wrestlemania Predictions

Host: Jesse “The Man” Lopez
Guest: Ernest “Ultra” Zamora Jr

The Key To Yokai Watch’s Popularity – SeiferA



With the recent release of Yokai Watch in America, the franchise certainly has it’s fanbase. However, the ambitions set by Nintendo and Level 5 to make it Pokemon levels of popular don’t seem to ever be anywhere near that mark in the US. Why is that?

Join me on my brief rant as I explain my thoughts on what’s the one thing missing in the equation in the states that brought Yokai Watch to it’s popularity in Japan

AFTV Website done. Go Check it out!

We made some very nice changes to the website. Check it out. See what you think. :3

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