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AnimeFunTV AMV Contest Results

Oni-Con XV (2018) – ‘Anime vs. The World (of Animation)’ Music Video Contest – People’s Choice Award winners

Here are the People’s Choice Award winners for Oni-Con XV (2018) – ‘Anime vs. The World (of Animation)’ Music Video Contest Anime Action 1st Place – Sean.PNG – Borutos Dad the AMV Runner-Up – Skyking – High Hopes Animation Action 1st Place – Silent Hero Studios – State Of Mind Runner-Up – Sean.PNG – Vanilla Sundae Anime …

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Oni-Con XV (2018) – ‘Anime vs. The World (of Animation)’ Music Video Contest – Editors Choice & Best AMV Overall + Playlist

Oni-Con XV (2018) – ‘Anime vs. The World (of Animation)’ Music Video Contest – exit video with Editors Choice & Best AMV Overall Award Winners!     Anime Action 1st Place – Tsunderbird Seth – Top Gunbuster 2nd Place – SasukeChanx – Let There Be Sheryl 3rd Place – Skyking – High Hopes Animation Action 1st Place – Sean.PNG …

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Oni-Con (2017) XIV – AMV Contest, Editors Choice Awards   Action 3rd Place GinaNelson – Blood Stained Uniform 2nd Place Speedy180 – Leave it to Fate 1st Place UnluckyArtist – NoLimitsNC   Drama 3rd Place AnimeMashup – Muse-ic 2nd Place xXKylaAnimeXx – Iris 1st Place VampireDeva1990 – One More Light Comedy 3rd Place AntaresHeart07 – Anime MasterChef 2nd Place Tritioafb – I knew …

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Oni-Con XIII (2016) – Peoples Choice Awards

Lastly, here are the Peoples Choice results for Oni-Con XIII (2016) AMV Contest Action 1st Place – UnluckyArtist – Galileo Runner-Up TIE Nhan Tran-Phan – Ghibli Gave Me Something & Zandersen – Good Eye, Sinon Drama 1st Place – Alex Duplessie – Gurren, An American Musical Runner-Up TIE lolligerjoj – Ghost Audition & Phlashbak – …

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Oni-Con XIII (2016) – Editors Choice Awards

Editors Choice Awards belongs to… Action 3rd Place – Anime Mashup – ‘Euphoria’ 2nd Place – AntaresHeart07 – ‘Riot!’ 1st Place – Youssef Tobah – ‘One’ Drama 3rd Place – lolligerjoj – ‘Ghost Audition’ 2nd place – StarTrinity009 – ‘SUKI DA!!!’ 1st place – leolide – ‘zuzuzu’ Comedy 3rd Place – shorisquared – ‘Duck, Duck, …

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IKKiCON’s (2016) AMV Contest – People’s Choice Awards

After review here are the results! Fast Action 1st Place – “Infinite Power” by AnimeMashup Runner-Up – “Evolution” By Gene Starwind 21122 Epic Drama 1st Place – “Farewell My Friend” by Eclipse Studio Runner-Up (Tie) – “Tha’llein” by GuntherAMV’s & “Live, Fly, Fall, Die” by James Blond Comedy Song’s 1st Place – “Grades Never Bothered …

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IKKiCON’s (2016) AMV Contest – Editors Choice Awards

Ikkicon AMV Contest Presented By AnimeFunTV Editors Choice & Best AMV Overall Awards IKKiCON Editors Ernest Zamora Jr – Editor in Chief Jesse Lopez – AnimeFunTV Chris Gloria – AnimeFunTV Fast Action 3rd Place “The Warriors” by Unlucky Artist 2nd Place “Infinite Power” by AnimeMashup 1st Place “Warrior Inside” by BladEra123 Epic Drama 3rd Place …

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Oni-Con XII AMV Contest – Peoples Choice Results.

After careful review… People’s Choice Awards go too… Fast Action 1st, Shin – Just Funkin’ Dandy Runner-Up, MrNosec – Figment Epic Drama 1st, Dragonrider1227 – A Boy In Funny Red Boots Runner-Up (tie), Joseph & Grace Croasdaile – Unstoppable, Setsu The Yena – A Mother’s Love Comedy Songs 1st, Pixelblended Studios – Giggles n Jiggles …

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Oni-Con XII AMV Contest – Editors Choice Results.

Panel of Editors Ernest Zamora Jr (Editor-In-Chief) Jesse Lopez (AnimeFunTV) Alfred Don Juan (AnimeFunTV) Lulu – (Independent) Fast Action 3rd Place “Unraveling The World” by Crexe Fast Action 2nd Place “Figment” by MrNosec Fast Action 1st Place “Secrets” by Pain1225 Epic Drama 3rd Place “Monarch” by Iren S.S. Epic Drama 2nd Place “Unstoppable” by Maboroshi …

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Oni-Con X – People’s Choice

People’s Choice Awards for Oni-Con X Action Mr. Pilkington – Welcome to the Nightmare Drama xDieguitoAMV – Shine a Light Comedy/Song Mr. Pilkington – I Has A Flavor Comedy/Freestyle Jeffrey Dagohoy – Every day is a fun, crazy day People’s Best AMV Overall xDieguitoAMV – Shine a Light

Ikkicon 2015 AMV Contest – People’s Choice Awards.

After review, here are the results… Fast Action 1st Place: Knage – The Phoenix Runner-Up: Unlucky Artist – Maniacal   Epic Drama 1st Place: OpJens – Fading Runner-Up: BecauseImBored1 – Otaku Paradise   Comedy Song’s 1st Place: MycathatesyouAMV – Generation Selfie Runner-Up: drewaconclusion – My Nipples Can Pierce The Heavens   Comedy Freestyle 1st Place: …

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Ikkicon AMV Playlist & Editors Choice Winners.

Ikkicon AMV Contest “Editors Choice Awards” Fast Action 1st Place – BlitzRyke – Magnolia 2nd Place – Unlucky Artist – Maniacal 3rd Place – irriadin – Super Fighting Bros Epic Drama 1st Place – OpJens – Fading.mpeg 2nd Place – Amaterasu – Forever Is A Long Long Time 3rd Place – Kidd The Maniac – …

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