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IKKiCON VII AMV Contest Presented by AnimeFunTV

IKKiCON AMV Contest People’s Choice Results.

Peoples Choice Results. Sorry for the long delay, but I had some medical issues to deal with over the weekend, but all that aside. Time for Peoples Choice! I will have to say it was very hard to distinguish the results but I think the results will be good. The results are from audio recordings …

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IKKiCON Editors Choice Results & Ending Video

Editors Choice Results (Peoples Choice Coming soon) Fast Action 3rd. qyll – Animegraphy 2012 2nd. l33tmeatwad – Blackout Shooter 1st. [key]Scarlet – Renegade (still running) Epic Drama 3rd. Armed and out of Medication Productions – Keiichi’s Lady 2nd. Kazuko – So close, yet so far away 1st. TritioAFB – Prelude to Death II Comedy/Song 3rd. …

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