Equestria Championship Wrestling (ECW) – Season 2 – Episode 3

Great Action tonight! Flash Sentry makes his Season 2 premiere. Shining Armor, Braeburn & Ultra look to get their first win in a Triple Threat match. Lastly our MANE EVENT, Champion vs Champion! Dusty Katt (ECW World Heavyweight Champ) vs Daniel Bryan (ECW TV Champion)

Tonight’s Card

Match 1 – (Triple Threat) Braeburn vs Shining Armor vs Ultra
Match 2 – Omega Red vs Stardust
Match 3 – Flash Sentry vs Hoodbeard
Match 4 – Big Mac vs Bulk Biceps
Mane Event – (Champion vs Champion) Dusty Katt vs Daniel Bryan

(Editors Note: You will experience audio distortions from time to time, this is beyond out control)