Equestria Championship Wrestling (ECW) – Season 2 – Episode 5 (Elimination Chamber PPV)

Our last Episode for 2016!! It is ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!

Its gonna be one crazy night! Lots of superstar debuts & surprises!

PPV Card

Soaring vs (unknown debut) – Extreme Rules

Ultra vs (unknown debut) – Table Match

Compass Star vs (unknown debut) – Falls Count Anywhere Match

Flim Flam Bros. vs Edge & Christian – Tag Team Extreme Rules

Goldust/Stardust vs Omega Black/Red – Tornado Tag Team Title Match

Flash Sentry vs Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan – TLC ECW TV Title Match

MANE EVENT – Elimination Chamber for the ECW World Title, Dusty Katt, Luke Harper, Alberio, Thunderlane, Big Mac & Hoofbeard.

Will Dusty Katt survive and retrain his belt or will a new champion be crowned?