Some of you may be wondering if we’re gonna be at IKKiCON this year, sadly no.

We have tried to contact some of the staff at IKKiCON back in August to begin prep-work for the AMV Contest, our main contact had unfortunately been relieved of their staff position and we tried to make contact with the actual con chairman but never got a response back.

It does take some time to create AMV’s, especially good ones. It’s one of the many reasons why we open for submissions months before the actual event. It also gives us time to evaluate and sort though many submissions that can take several hours, but not just that, but scheduling the time for all of our editors to be available on one specific day to view them all. Additionally, having time in our own personal work schedule to actually attend the event, some of us have to let our workplace know almost a month in advance.

All that being said there is just no way, even if IKKiCON were to finally contact us, that we could be able to put on a great entertaining show, let alone give AMV creators time to create and enter new and fresh content that could fill up a 2 hour show. We’ve seen in the past how a (very) short submission period can lead to re-used entries that have already been seen at other events and thats not very fun.

We love IKKiCON regardless and if they are willing to, with better communication, would love to host the AMV Contest for IKKiCON next year.

-Ernest Zamora Jr.

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