IKKiCON AMV Contest People’s Choice Results.

Peoples Choice Results.

Sorry for the long delay, but I had some medical issues to deal with over the weekend, but all that aside. Time for Peoples Choice!

I will have to say it was very hard to distinguish the results but I think the results will be good. The results are from audio recordings of the peoples reaction after each AMV, based on how loud and how long of applause.

Fast Action 1st: Shattersky – Gurren Feeling
Runner Up: l33tmeatwad – Blackout Shooter

Epic Drama 1st: SinKatt – Wolf and the Beginning
Runner Up: James Blond – Beautiful, Dirty, ANARCHY

Comedy/Song 1st: Brad DeMoss – Men
Runner Up: drewaconclusion – Kount Krausula

Comedy/Freestyle 1st: Aaron Herrington – Mr T vs Mr Roggers
Runner Up: l33tmeatwad – Requiem of the Endless Eight