IKKiCON Editors Choice Results & Ending Video

Editors Choice Results (Peoples Choice Coming soon)

Fast Action

3rd. qyll – Animegraphy 2012
2nd. l33tmeatwad – Blackout Shooter
1st. [key]Scarlet – Renegade (still running)

Epic Drama

3rd. Armed and out of Medication Productions – Keiichi’s Lady
2nd. Kazuko – So close, yet so far away
1st. TritioAFB – Prelude to Death II


3rd. SinKatt – Can’t Hug Every Cat
2nd. James Blond – Pedro Loves Rainbows
1st. drewaconclusion – Kount Krausula


3rd. Ainio – This is Craziness (This is Gintama)
2nd. Armed and out of Medication Productions – Morning After on the SDF-1
1st. l33tmeatwad – Requiem of the Endless Eight

Editors Best AMV Overall

Kyssifur – В излучине Дона – In the bend of the Don

Congrats to all the Editors Choice Winners. Remember we still have the Peoples Choice coming later once we go over the recordings of the crowds reaction. I will say this, expect almost completely opposite results.