IKKiCON’s (2016) AMV Contest – People’s Choice Awards

After review here are the results!

Fast Action
1st Place – “Infinite Power” by AnimeMashup
Runner-Up – “Evolution” By Gene Starwind 21122

Epic Drama
1st Place – “Farewell My Friend” by Eclipse Studio
Runner-Up (Tie) – “Tha’llein” by GuntherAMV’s & “Live, Fly, Fall, Die” by James Blond

Comedy Song’s
1st Place – “Grades Never Bothered Me Anyway” by SinKatt
Runner-Up (Tie) – “Ani-Mon” – Samurai Warriors Productions & “Anime’s Got Talent” by Soul’s Team

Comedy Freestyle
1st Place – “The Swear Jar”  by Maboroshi Studio
Runner-Up – “Congressional Run” by Drewaconclusion

Congrats to all!