Oni-Con XII AMV Contest – Peoples Choice Results.

After careful review… People’s Choice Awards go too…

Fast Action
1st, Shin – Just Funkin’ Dandy
Runner-Up, MrNosec – Figment

Epic Drama
1st, Dragonrider1227 – A Boy In Funny Red Boots
Runner-Up (tie), Joseph & Grace Croasdaile – Unstoppable, Setsu The Yena – A Mother’s Love

Comedy Songs
1st, Pixelblended Studios – Giggles n Jiggles
Runner-Up, Bobby Korrok – Anime’s Got Talent

Comedy Freestyle
1st, Azukano – Otaku Lyrics 101
Runner-Up (tie), Liam Martion – Another Piece of Crack, drewaconclusion – Spaced Out

We had well over 200+ attendees viewing the contest.

Thank you to everyone who makes this possible! See you guys at IKKiCON!