Public Access is about to get 20% Cooler

New shows are scheduled in and its time for ponies!

Thats right our long awaited PonyFunTV is set to debut April 13th! Talk about timing as the new season of MLP:FiM is set to premiere that weekend too!

PonyFunTV (PFTV) is a collection of Pony Music Videos (PMV’s) that were submitted during our time as hosts for BronyFanFair’s PMV Contest in Austin, TX and videos that were submitted to us online on our website.

PonyFunTV is AnimeFunTV’s Pre-Season 6.

PonyFunTV will air on San Antonio, TX public access channel every Thursday & Saturday night at 11:00pm

You will able to vote for your favorite PMV from each episode.

There will be HD quality downloads of each episode as they premiere.

We like to thank PMVToday.com for helping get some of the word out about PFTV.

Thank you to everyone who submitted and lets have a great season!

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