PonyFunTV – Season 1, Episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5

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Total Running Time: 30 Minutes
Filmed: Feb 2017
Episode Created: March 19, 2017
Episode Debut: – May 11, 2017
Host(s): Ernest Zamora Jr

Intro: Sonic Generations: Super Sonic Theme
In Show BGM: My Little Pony (Glitch Remix) by Alex S.
End Credits: Party With Pinkie by Alex S.

Comments: Ponies have invaded AnimeFunTV!

-Show Playlist-

*PFTV Intro & Host(s) introductions*

I Have Extraballs Stashed All Over Ponyville; In Case of Extraball Emergency by BasharOfTheAges
Eurobeat Brony – Discord (TLT Remix) by BronySinc
Symphony Number 34 in G-major by Mr. Pilkington


Bring it All Back PMV – MrDeLoop
RiMRemixAppleAppleApple – Mystery Ben 27
Bootleg Fireworks by Ray

*Closing statements*

Everybody Wants To Rule The World by TheLightLeavesThee

*End Credits*
*Bonus Stage*