PonyFunTV – Season 1, Episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6

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Total Running Time: 30 Minutes
Filmed: Feb 2017
Episode Created: March 19, 2017
Episode Debut: – May 18, 2017
Host(s): Chris Gloria

Intro: Sonic Generations: Super Sonic Theme
In Show BGM: My Little Pony (Glitch Remix) by Alex S.
End Credits: Party With Pinkie by Alex S.

Comments: Ponies have invaded AnimeFunTV!

-Show Playlist-

*PFTV Intro & Host(s) introductions*

Never-ending Strife by BronySinc
Chasing The Sun! by GuncaPMV
Move Along by Lord Pony


Tetris in the key of Pony by Rspectcopyrightmyass
There’s No Business Like Show Business by SunsetShimmerFan
Cutie Marks by The Aurora Boreallis

*Closing statements*

Counting Stars by TheLightLeavesThee

*End Credits*
*Bonus Stage*

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