Pre-Season 4, Episode 2 of 4


Pre-Season 3, Episode 2 of 4

Total run time: 30-minutes
Created: August 29, 2004
Debut: November 6, 2004
Host: Ernest Zamora, Jr.
Guest: Chris “SeiferA” Gloria & Michael “Mr. Mike” Cardenas
Intro: Sonic Heroes – Main Theme song
Background Song: Sonic Heroes – Team Dark Theme
End Song: Sonic Heroes – Team Dark Theme


Comments: It was time for part two of Season 2’s AMV Awards, we had special guests to help present the awards, Chris “SeiferA” Gloria, and Michael “Mr. Mike” Cardenas who helped present “Best in Season 2” award, Jessie L., and Josh R as the crew. The show was filmed at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, and actually those painting in the back ground were actually done by Michael. However due to a another Scheduling error by Time Warner Cable, this show was actually shown two weeks in a row.



Episode 10
[Sonic the Hedgehog] – Creed – One Last Breath by Ernest “UltraSonic” Zamora, Jr


Episode 2
[Rurouni Kenshin] – KMFDM – Mortal Kombat by Hsien Lee


Episode 7
[Sailor Moon] – Weird Al – Jerry Springer by Doki Doki Productions


Episode 3
[Tenchi Muyo] – No Doubt – Don’t Speak by Fly High Studio’s; Eric Jones


Episode 8
[Sailor Moon] – Aqua – Candyman by Stephen Hale