Pre-Season 4, Episode 1 of 4


Pre-Season 3, Episode 1 of 4

Total run time: 30-minutes
Created: August 29, 2004
Debut: October 30, 2004
Host: Ernest Zamora, Jr.
Guest: Chris “SeiferA” Gloria
Intro: Sonic Heroes – Main Theme song
Background Song: Sonic Heroes – Team Dark Theme
End Song: Sonic Heroes – Team Dark Theme


Comments: It was time for Season 2’s AMV Awards, we had another special guest to help present the awards, Chris “SeiferA” Gloria, along with Michael “MrMike” Cardenas, Jessie L., and Josh R as the crew. The show was filmed at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, and actually those painting in the back ground were actually done by Michael. This show also contained a special flash animation by non other than “Psyguy” from



Episode 1
[Tenchi Muyo] – EMF – Unbelievable by Nic A. Neidenbach


Episode 6
[Sailor Moon] – Fear Factory – Resurrection by David Vasilik


Episode 9
[Tenchi Muyo] – Foo Fighters – Everlong by Dan Gallacher


Episode 5
[Trigun] – Reel Big Fish – Somebody Hates Me by More than Toast Productions


Episode 4
[Rurouni Kenshin] – Stabbing Westward – Torn Apart by Pakman Productions

Special Flash Animation by Psyguy
“The Many Faces Of Psyguy”