Season 3, Episode 11


Season 3, Episode 11

Total run time: 30-minutes
Created: April 21, 2004
Debut: September 18, 2004
Host: Ernest Zamora, Jr.
Intro: Sonic Adventure 2 – Live & Learn
Background Song: Limp Bizkit – Creamer (radio is dead)
End Song: Limp Bizkit – Creamer (radio is dead)

Comments: Episode 11, of Season 3, now using Adobe Premiere Pro, AFTV now had ultimate power of editing and effects, Season 3 was a All New Season compared to what aired before, better audio, and better video, and we were now able to fit as many videos as time can allow. With now all the shows made in true digital format, we were able to make Season 3 into DVD’s.



[Dragon Ball Z] – DMX – Party Up ( Up In Here ) by Supa Vegitto

[Gundam Wing] – E Nomine – Vater Unser by Isaac Fischer

[Hellsing] – Motorgrater – Down by Daniel Hopkins


[Kingdom Hearts] – Hoobstank – Crawling in the Dark by Zyfire

[Neon Genesis Evangelion] – Star Wars Eps.1 Score Soundtrack – Duel of the Fates by Erik Dreistadt

[Powerpuff Girls] – Matrix Reloaded Trailer by Robert Babcock


[Trigun] – Saliva – Click Click Boom by Greg Thomas