Season 3, Episode 9


Season 3, Episode 9

Total run time: 30-minutes
Created: April 19, 2004
Debut: September 4, 2004
Host: Ernest Zamora, Jr.
Intro: Sonic Adventure 2 – Live & Learn
Background Song: Sepultura – Policia
End Song: Linkin Park – Lying from You

Comments: Episode 9, of Season 3, now using Adobe Premiere Pro, AFTV now had ultimate power of editing and effects, Season 3 was a All New Season compared to what aired before, better audio, and better video, and we were now able to fit as many videos as time can allow. With now all the shows made in true digital format, we were able to make Season 3 into DVD’s.



[Dragon Ball Z] – Three Doors Down – Kryptonite by Supa Vegitto

[Dragon Half] – Animaniacs – Cartoon Individual by godix

[Final Fantasy] – Carl Orff – Carmina Burana ReMix by Sam11


[Kite] – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody by Isaac Fischer

[Ninja Scroll] – Rob Zombie – Dragula by William Milberry

[Sonic the Hedgehog] – Dust For Life – Step into the Light by Tekku Jam


[Various Anime] – Shinohara Tomoe – Shopping A to Z by godix