Season 4, Episode 1


Season 4, Episode 1

Total run time: 30-minutes
Created: October 29, 2004
Debut: December 25, 2004
Host: Jessie Lopez
Intro: Sonic Heroes – Main Theme
Background Song: Duel Jewel – Never Blue
End Song: Duel Jewel – Never Blue

Comments: This was the World Premiere episode of Season 4, this marks the debut of our new crew, Jessie Lopez, and Alfred Gonzalez. The film was taken live from Oni-Con back at September 04, at the end of the show, we has a special cosplayer stalk the guys and nearly kills them =P also it also debuts as the first season to use our new ending credits and it too is the first season to be shown in digital format! In addition, Time Warner Cable made an error on its re-run and did not air as scheduled on January 20th; Also the original Creator of the AMV “[Sailor Moon] – 5th Element – Diva Dance” has requested that AMV to be removed from the show and be replaced by another one they had made. The new edited show will be only available on the upcoming DVD.



[Ah! My Goddess] – Isayama Miyo – Getsurenka by Paulo

[Dragon Ball Z] – Simon and Garfunkel – A Hazy shade of Winter by Jacob Ryan


Originally: [Sailor Moon] – 5th Element – Diva Dance by Songbird21
Requested to be moved; Replaced by
[Various Anime] – 5th Element – Diva Dance by Songbird21

[Various Anime] – Chevelle – Closure by Jeff Hudecek


[FLCL] – The Pillows – Advice by Luke Galli

[Love Hina] – Blink 182 – I Wont be home for Christmas by Cory Krol


[Scryed] – Velvet Revovler – Slither by Luke Galli