Season 4, Episode 10


Season 4, Episode 10

Total run time: 29:30-minutes
Created: February 12, 2005
Debut: April 28, 2005
Host: Ernest “UltraSonic” Zamora, Jr
Intro: Sonic Heroes – Main Theme
Background Song: Fullmetal Alchemist Complete B РAsian Kung-fu Generation РRewrite
End Song: Fullmetal Alchemist Complete B – Asian Kung-fu Generation – Rewrite

Comments: Episode 10 of Season 4, Episode 10 continues on using our past VJ’ing style. Also this episode use’s our new ending credits and it too is the first season to be shown in digital format!



[Devil Man] – Godsmack – I stand alone by Paolo Gatelli

[Final Fantasy Series] – Default – Wasting My Time by Addiction Music Videos

[Key the Metal Idol ] – Queensryche – Screaming In Digital by Danniel Cecava


[Sonic the Hedgehog] – Linkin Park – Crawling by (Unknown Creator)

[Video Girl Ai] – The All-American Rejects – Swing, Swing by IcyCloud


[Various Anime] – Blue Man Group – Rock Concert by Enya Oireag