Season 4, Episode 11


Season 4, Episode 11

Total run time: 29:30-minutes
Created: February 13, 2005
Debut: May 12, 2005
Host: Ernest “UltraSonic” Zamora, Jr
Intro: Sonic Heroes – Main Theme
Background Song:  Tokuyama Hidenori РFor Real
End Song: Tokuyama Hidenori – For Real

Comments: Episode 11 of Season 4, Episode 11 continues on using our past VJ’ing style. Also this episode use’s our new ending credits and it too is the first season to be shown in digital format!



[Great Teacher Onizuka] – Third Eye Blind – Jumper by Brian Auxier

[Naruto] – C&C Generals – Chinese Battle Theme #6 by Travis Thompson


[Naruto] – Catch 22 – Keasby Nights by JesusHChrist

[Robotech] – Fall out Boy – Sending Post cards from a Plane Crash by Jacob Ryan

[Sailor Moon] – Linkin Park – My December by Addiction Music Videos


[Various Anime] – Bob Rivers – Walking around in woman?s Underwear by Studio 92

[Colorful] – Rancid – Maxwell Murder by Luke Galli

[Naruto] – The Pillows – Come Down by Luke Galli


[Trigun] – Blur – Song 2 by RCV