Season 4, Episode 2


Season 4, Episode 2

Total run time: 30-minutes
Created: October 31, 2004
Debut: January 1, 2005
Host: Jessie Lopez
Intro: Sonic Heroes – Main Theme
Background Song: Duel Jewel – Konsui Xke Xke Doll
End Song: Duel Jewel – Konsui Xke Xke Doll

Comments: Episode 2 of Season 4, with our new VJ, Jessie Lopez. The film was taken live from Oni-Con back at September ’04; During the show, we has a special cosplayers help VJ you know who they are when ya watched it XD, Plus at the end of the show we had a very special interview with non other than the master of “That’s My Sonic!” Bryon “PsyGuy” Beaubien! Who was also at Oni-Con. Also it use’s our new ending credits and it too is the first season to be shown in digital format!



[Blue Seed] – Blink 182 – All of This by Jacob Ryan

[Dragon Ball Z] – Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up by JustinOS18

[Final Fantasy Series] – Green Day – Ha Ha You’re Dead by Luke Galli


[Gundam] – Edwinn Starr – War by Travis Thompson

[Tenchi Muyo] – Veruca Salt- Volcano Girls by Amanda Race & Dan Gallacher


[Voices of a Distant Star] – American HiFi – Another perfect Day by Jacob Ryan

-Special Interview with Bryon “PsyGuy” Beaubien-